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Introducing our online Health Club

The world of Wellbeing is growing fast and having worked in this field for over 20 years you will access some of the latest thinking, integrated treatments, expert advice and discover the many exciting ways of keeping healthy and well.

Personal Consultants on-line 

Fill in your details and what your goals and objectives are and we will send you an eating and exercise plan to help you reach them.

Recipe Collection

Easy to make healthy meals that are simple and delicious! Try them once and you’re on track for a healthy lifestyle of Flab-U-Less Food.

Healthy Hoppers

Start feeling Flab-U-Less with an easy to use excercise program specifically for you and ‘your’ life.

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Flab-U-Less Fitness Club


Family Nutrition 

Get your whole family feeling Flab-U-Less with an eating and exercise plan for your whole family. The programme will fit in with your time & lifestyle.

Ask our Fitness Guru 

Caroline Pearce our Cape Town Dietician, is passionate about people and nutrition, with a Bachelor of Nutrition, she is well equipped to empower & inspire you to live a full and vibrant life!