Products you’ll be proud to serve!

The Flab-U-Less Franchise offers your customers a tasty healthy option to eat on the- run.

Tasty, Healthy Food

The Flab-U-Less founders, have created the perfect Fat Free Margherita Pizza for you to add creative, healthy toppings to. Unlike bread, you can offer your customers a natural Stone Ground, Fat Free Base, with a tangy Fat Free Tomato Sauce and a melty, stringy Fat Free Mozarella Pizza Cheese. With the option of many toppings, the Fat Free Pizza’s are customised with an array of healthy fresh vegies, meats and extra Fat Free Cheese for a filiing tasty meal.

We’re making the difference in the Fast Food Market.

The nutritional value of our pizza’s is vital to the Flab-U-Less team. Our Pizza’s have no cholesterol, no fat, they are high in fibre and deliver on taste.

The Franchisee is responsible for:

  • The Initial franchise fee
  • Paying a 7% royalty to the company
  • A fee into advertising.

We will provide:

A fully equiped, pizza trailer including:

  • The trailer
  • The woodfired pizza oven
  • Already built in stainless steel prep top and insulated cold sections
  • Your first stock of Margherita Pizza’s
  • Your first stock of toppings
  • Your first stock of wood to burn
  • Your first batch of dri ice
  • A pizza scoop

Training which will include:

  • How to make the best pizza
  • Different topping idea’s
  • Ordering guidance
  • How to deliver a hot pizza quickly
  • Operations
  • Cost structures
  • How to check stock
  • How to re-order stock

What makes us a better franchise option?

  • You’re going to offer customers their favourite food in a HEALTHY way.
  • You don’t need to find a locaiton in already flooded supermarkets and pay high rental.
  • You don’t need to tie yourself into a lease agreement for long periods of time.
  • You don’t need to hire and manage large amounts of employees.
  • Everything is in ONE trailer that you can move to any place at any time.
  • You can sell to corporates, at school events, outdoor events, sports events …